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Robert Green - a true hero

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Courageous, selfless, exposer of the truth, passionate, kind. There aren’t many people out there who are like the late great hero Robert ‘Rob’ Green. He was one of a kind.

My mother had read about Robert many years earlier and watched him on YouTube speaking at different events. How he had fought tirelessly for justice for a child abuse victim in Scotland. A man who had no prior dealings with child abuse cases. But once he had heard about it, he had to help.

Robert was a true Christian in every sense of the word. If he heard about evil happening anywhere, he would help to expose it instead of turning away. He hated injustice; especially towards helpless children. He would spend hours and hours producing beautifully written and powerful letters to those in power in a desperate attempt to get them to listen and to act to protect children and others who were affected by a miscarriage of justice. He was a gentleman who was unafraid of anyone and wasn’t fazed in the slightest at being discredited.

During one David Icke concert in Wembley, David mentioned Robert Green and there was a standing ovation. This epitomes the effect that this courageous man had on people.

Sonia Poulton once said about Robert:

“Robert it is a pleasure to know you and may you continue to run rings around your enemies and help those in dark tunnels to reach the light.”

He would sing every week in small venues, as a way of escaping from the horrors of the injustices he was helping to expose. On a personal level, my mother and I had struck up a friendship with this wonderful man. Especially mum. They would chat on the phone every day. He had a great sense of humour and would always make her laugh. They shared a love for music too, and Robert introduced mum to old blues music. Not long before his death, I told mum that I wished Robert was my father. She told him and he said he felt very honoured.

One time in particular when I met Robert was a time I’ll never forget. It always brings a smile to my face. After a drive down from the north west to the east midlands, on a hot day, in a non-air conditioned car, the always smart and well presented Robert had unbuttoned his shirt for the journey with a view to straightening himself up once he had arrived. However, he completely forgot. I was shocked at this smart man with buttons undone to his belly button! Me and mum didn’t want to say anything at the time. After about half an hour, Robert suddenly realised and shouted “Good grief!””What must you have thought!”. We laughed and laughed for ages.

The day after Robert’s tragic death, David Icke dedicated a podcast to him and said this:

"Freedom of justice, and certainly, abused children in Britain lost a fantastic champion this week with the passing of Robert Green and the best tribute that can be paid to him is that others step forward and take his place because this isn't going away unless we make it go away.”

Last December after a harrowing day in court, I heard the track “A change is coming” playing in a cafe. The words resonated with me. Then my sister heard it a couple of days after. On Robert’s last ever email to my mum, after she told him this, he said “This can be our campaign song”.

I think Robert would be proud of me stepping out of my comfort zone and doing a campaign. In fact I know he would be proud. You are so dearly missed by so many of us Robert, who have been honoured to know such a wonderful man.

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