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Please sign and help to make a difference 

Your support is so important. To help make huge changes to the failing family court system, please sign and share the three petitions below. By doing so, children's lives could be saved. 


We are campaigning for three changes to be made within family courts when child abuse is alleged:

Increase the standard of proof within family law cases where child abuse is alleged. 

Due to the severity in nature of cases where child abuse is alleged, the standard ‘clear and convincing evidence’ needs to be applied to prevent potentially catastrophic, life-changing decisions being made simply on a ‘balance of probabilities’, and often with the judge having no evidence whatsoever to quantify such decisions.

Allow polygraph testing within family court cases involving child abuse allegations

The Ministry of Justice claims that polygraph testing have an accuracy rate of 89%, yet they are completely ignored with Family Court cases. Children have no voice in family court proceedings. Polygraph testing allows their voice to be heard through the safe parent when abuse has been alleged.

Family law cases that involve allegations of child abuse to be heard in front of a jury

We currently live in a culture of family court judges being trained to be suspicious of parents bringing child abuse (especially sexual abuse) into the court. A jury of 12 people, as are used within a Criminal Court setting, would be much less likely to be biased towards one parent or party. Juries are selected from a cross section of society, including different ages, genders and backgrounds. 

In loving memory of Robert Green (1946 - 2019) who fought tirelessly for justice for abused children.


Rest in peace.

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