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The murder of 8 yr old Thomas Valva, family court & trafficking - who are they protecting?

The murder of 8 yr old Thomas Valva, family court & trafficking - who are they protecting?

#samanthabaldwin #thomasvalva #familycourtcorruption #policecoverup ***Trigger warning*** This video contains distressing information relating to allegations about the death and abuse of Thomas Valva, as well as the abuse of his surviving brothers. The 911 call was made by Michael Valva, father of Thomas Valva on the 17th January 2020. Michael Valva and his girlfriend Angela Pollina were charged with the second degree murder of Thomas two days later. Please do not turn a blind eye to the case of Thomas Valva, whose death could have been prevented by the FAMILY COURT. This is happening worldwide. Please share this video far and wide. The true level of horror that the Valva children allegedly suffered at the hands of their father, his girlfriend and others, has been hidden by all but one small mainstream media outlet. There are many similarities between the Valva case and my own case. I cannot keep quiet about this, but who is listening? Mothers like Justyna and her precious sons need their voices to be heard. My sons need their voices heard. Family court are actively protecting psychopathic abusers and stealing our children to give to them to abuse. It is a disgrace the way these judges are abusing their power to effectively traffic our children, sometimes to death, as in the tragic case of Thomas Valva. Time and time again the family court award custody when sexual abuse allegations are made by children involving a parent. They are literally getting away with murder. WHY are these institutions allowed to get away with it? Children are being murdered by dangerous and abusive parents, that the innocent parent fought to protect the child/ren from. It is the same script worldwide. Justyna Zubko Valva’s social media links: My book Everything is Going to Be Okay : Everything is Going to Be Okay
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