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The background.

On the 27th March 2017, Judge Jeremy Lea started reading out his judgement. Within minutes I knew things had gone horrifically wrong, so I fled the court and hid with my precious sons at a lodge twelve miles away from our home in Newark, Nottinghamshire. The judge ordered the police to hunt us down. He falsely told them that I was a danger to my sons. I tried to keep my sons safe, but the police found and abducted my sons on the 10th April 2017 in the middle of the night.


The judge had made findings that vindicated the father, and stated that my sons horrific abuse hadn’t happened, and that it was a ‘false belief system’. He stated in his judgement that I had put a ‘sinister interpretation on my sons disclosures’. Most chilling of all, the judge stated that I and/or my mother had given my sons benzodiazepine products and zolpidem after becoming “dissatisfied with the police investigation”, and knew that it would go no further without some sort of corroborative evidence. He said that we would have ordered these online. He stated that his ‘evidence’ was that I “persisted in getting my sons hair tested”.


The day after my boys were abducted by the police, my mother and I arranged for Lie Detectors UK to take our polygraph tests to prove our innocence. After a lengthy testing procedure to test our baseline responses, etc, we passed our tests with flying colours. The polygraph report can be accessed via the link below, or further down this page.


“The UK Polygraph Association completely support Samantha Baldwin after one of our examiners worked with Samantha and her mother to prove her innocence, unfortunately the truth is being suppressed due to a court order banning the press talking about Samantha’s story which is so harrowing and a complete injustice that needs to be exposed. Samantha is tirelessly campaigning so the law can be changed for the better. The UK Government use polygraph daily for offenders on probation, such a shame the evidence in the case is being ignored.”

Judge Lea said: "In my judgement I found that the father had not perpetrated sexual, physical or emotional abuse against the boys as alleged by the mother, or at all, that the allegations made by the mother were false.

"I also found that the mother genuinely believed that he had done so, but that her belief was irrational and that the evidence of abuse was unreliable.

"I also made a finding that in order to try to prove her case against the father, the mother had caused the boys to ingest substances that would give rise to a positive testing for benzodiazepine products and zolpidem".

Benzodiazepine and zolpidem are used as sedatives and anti-anxiety treatments.

The judge also noted the effect of the case on "the emotional and psychological well-being of these boys may well be catastrophic".

To date, the father has not taken a polygraph test, in spite of all the social media posts that state that he is a paedophile who drugged his sons. I know that if I was being called a paedophile, I would have taken a polygraph for my own safety. His silence is deafening.

Below is a statement from my sons’ ‘father’ – the man who horrifically abused and drugged them.


In a statement, the boys' father thanked the court for its judgement and said: "My reputation and that of my family and friends has been wrongly and unfairly tarnished with the most distressing and false allegations.

"The effect of this on [the boys] however, has been much greater and we now have to focus on piecing our lives back together."


(Full news article here).



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