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Family court - tell the truth and you’ll be punished.

If your child discloses sexual abuse by their father/ family member and you go to the authorities, but then the police don’t properly investigate and the father / family member is free to instigate family court proceedings, you and your children are doomed.

Many unsuspecting parents follow what is deemed to be the correct procedure, such as contacting the NSPCC, and the police, only to have their children’s disclosures minimised and ignored.  If you are unlucky enough to get a biased police officer, then it is all downhill from there.

The standard of proof used in the family court is very low. Judge’s make their finding based upon a ‘balance of probabilities’ meaning that a ‘fact’ only has to be made if they believe it to be 51% true. This law is very often misapplied and abused by judges who are given so much power to make false findings against innocent parents. The results are catastrophic for the children.

Family court take a dim view of parents who report the allegations made by their children, if they are against the other parent, or family member. 

The protective parent often ends up with no contact whatsoever, especially if they refuse to lie and accept the judge’s findings.

Family court judges are literally ‘getting away with murder’. Many children have lost their lives due to judges placing them in the custody of an abuser or giving abusers unsupervised contact with their children. 

The system is not fit for purpose; judges have blood on their hands and no one is ever held accountable.

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