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Family courts are failing Britain's children time and time again. Child abuse victims are often not believed and protective parents are vilified with some even being prevented from having any form of contact with their beloved children. Compelling evidence is often totally ignored and sometimes even distorted and used against the safe parent. Some children are removed with force from their protective parent and forced to live with their abuser.

If enough of the British public took a stand, we could bring about change to this Orwellian horror story.

All children are precious. All children should be believed.

“In general, research states that children do not make up false stories of sexual abuse” and that “in all cases the perpetrator has enormous motivation to accuse the child of lying, misunderstanding normal behaviour or having been primed by mother.”

(Dr. Jack Boyle, Child Psychologist, BA, BSc (Econ), MEd, PhD, AFBPsyS, C Psychol)


"Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them."

The aim of this campaign is to expose what really goes on within the secret family courts and to bring about changes. We want to prevent this from happening to other children. It is time that the public knew what goes on behind closed doors, as we truly believe that if people knew the extent of the atrocities that occur within the family courts, there would be a national outcry. 

My lovely friend Samantha Baldwin, has been a dear friend since we met at school at 6 years old. We are now 43. Sam was a quiet girl at school that never brought to much attention to herself. She was one of the more academic children at school and although she was very pretty she stayed away from boys and any sort of trouble. She was a very sweet studious girl and made the most of her time there.


Sam is the most unlikely person to ever cause harm, lie or cheat, she is a beautiful honest woman with strong Christian morals who loves her children and family dearly.

(D. Sanderson)

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