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Everything is Going to be Okay. 

Everyone who cares about children needs to read this book. It could save a child’s life. 


Amanda led a fairly ordinary life, until she met Damian. He swept her off her feet, whisked her away on exotic holidays, wined and dined her in expensive restaurants and showered her with compliments.

But lurking beneath the charming exterior were sinister secrets Damian had been carrying since childhood, secrets that slowly began to surface.

Two sons and a failed marriage later, nothing could have prepared her for the extent of her ex-husband’s deception. The truth starts to emerge one December evening, when Amanda’s eldest boy Lewis reveals why he is so scared of his father.



At the end of the book there is some useful information about signs of child sexual abuse, ritual abuse, and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), which is being widely used by child abusing parents and accepted by family court judges. 




‘What’s up, Mummy?’ Lewis appeared at my side, his arm around my back.

‘Oh, nothing, sweetheart,’ I looked up at his worried little face.

‘Tell me, Mummy,’ he said, his eyes pleading with mine. 

I paused, stroking Lewis’s hair, pulling out a stool to sit on. ‘Okay, remember when you had your hair samples taken ages ago?’ 


‘Well the police have finally tested them and there were drugs in your and Daniel’s hair.’

Lewis widened his eyes. ‘Mummy, I did tell you that Daddy injected me to make me sleepy. Did you not believe me?’

I reached out and took his soft hand into mine. ‘Of course, I did, sweetheart.’

‘Did the police not believe me?’ he asked.

‘Yes, it’s just taken them a while to test the hair,’ I lied.

On the 6th January 2015 a section of hair was obtained from Lewis and Daniel and subsequently submitted for toxicological analysis.

Skimming through the report, my eyes stopped dead at the third page, the table of results. 

The hair samples were found to contain the following drugs: Nordiazepam, Temazepam and Zolpidem. These are all sedatives and are commonly used in date-rape…

My head started to spin. 

Horrific images of my little boys, lying unconscious on the floor, invaded my mind. Taking a deep breath, I continued to read the report.

 …Hair grows at a rate of 1cm per month. For example: if you wish to determine whether the victim had been administered drugs six months ago, then the hair would need to be at least six centimetres long. A period of at least four weeks must pass between the drug being administered and the hair sample being taken.

Pausing for a few seconds, I mentally worked out how the length of time my boys would have been drugged for. Daniel’s hair sample measured seven centimetres so that would be around seven months of growth—from around May 2014 to when he last saw Madford on the 1st December 2014. Lewis’s hair sample was slightly shorter. I re-read the dates. Something stood out. We have been advised that the last contact the children had with their father was August 2014. August? Where had that come from? Had Webster been lying to forensics to protect Madford? Or to ‘get back’ at me for complaining? Was this why the police had refused to test the boys’ hair samples eighteen months earlier? I felt the heat rising in my cheeks as panic spread through my entire body. 


“This book is shocking, terrifying and heart wrenching, I literally could not put it down. As a mother myself, I think it is up to us to educate society on this heinous cult and save not only Samantha Baldwin’s boys, but all our children. We owe it to them. I often think about this incredible mother when I feel overwhelmed by the suffering of our children around the world, because you Samantha, you are unshakeable in your fight to get your boys home and to raise awareness on this evil. Your sheer love and determination is truly inspiring, you and the boys are always in our thoughts.”

(Veronica McGinely)

"Well done Samantha. What a gut wrenching yet harrowing read. From someone who's worked within children services I can categorically tell you it's corrupt.
The fight your fighting for the voices if children is amazing... I applaud. You. I pray for your sons safe return."

(Amazon Customer)

"Days after reading Samantha’s book, her story hasn’t left me. I now call her “THE BRAVEST WOMAN IN BRITAIN.”

UK police and family court corruption. Pedophilia. I stand with Samantha Baldwin. Buy her book. TELL EVERYONE. Defend innocent children."

(Tracy Glover)

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