25th Feb 2020

"Domestic abuser jailed after landmark appeal by solicitor general"

"A violent domestic abuser has been imprisoned for three years after the solicitor general successfully challenged his previous sentence in a landmark case at the court of appeal."

"Joshua Dalgarno, 25, was charged last year with controlling and coercive behaviour towards his former partner, taking a conveyance without authority and causing criminal damage. He was sentenced to a 24-month community order at Taunton crown court in December."

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6th December 2019

"'Judge rules against woman in custody battle ‘saying she was not raped because she did not fight back’

"The learned judge was wrong in impermissibly allowing his outdated views on sexual assault, and likely victim responses to this, to influence his findings and conclusions,’ claims barrister.'

A woman who alleges she was subjected to domestic violence said a family court judge’s “outdated views” on sexual assault caused her to lose a child custody battle with her ex-partner."

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22nd October 2019

"'Being abused as a child is a life sentence' - Five survivors share their stories

"More than 4,000 survivors have shared their experiences with the Truth Project in England and Wales

"Almost half of child sexual abuse victims were under the age of eight when the abuse began, according to research.

"More than 4,000 survivors have shared their experiences with the Truth Project in England and Wales and, of the 3,265 accounts analysed for research, some 46% said they had only been eight when abused for the first time."

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13th October 2019

"Abusive men using child contact as way to carry on subjecting women to domestic abuse

"‘We are also aware of instances where women have suffered physical and sexual assault from their abuser when children are being picked up or dropped off,’ says campaigner

"Thousands of domestic abusers are preying on their victims during meetings with their children ordered by the family courts, The Independent can reveal.

"Women are being subjected to coercive control, and physical and even sexual assault from their ex-partners when children are being picked up or dropped off."

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2nd October 2019

"SECRET C-SECTION Judge authorised doctors to secretly drug pregnant woman and perform Caesarean section on her against her wishes

"A HIGH court judge authorised doctors to secretly drug a pregnant woman, then force her to have a caesarean section against her wishes.

"Mr Justice Williams ruled the 25-year-old, whose identity cannot be disclosed, could be tricked into going to hospital under the pretence of a normal appointment.

"When she arrived she was to be given a sleeping drug hidden in a drink before taken to theatre where she would be given general anaesthetic, possibly while she was restrained.

"A medic would then be allowed to perform a caesarean on her before she was sent home and the baby taken into care."

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20th September 2019

"Database Sheds Light On Child Deaths During Family Court Cases

"Over the last decade, more than 700 children have been killed by a parent or guardian in the midst of a family court case like divorce or custody hearings. 

"That’s according to a new database by the Center for Judicial Excellence that for the first time quantifies these deaths — 11 of which occurred in Utah.


"An investigation out this week by the Deseret News looked into how the system has failed these children. KUER’s Caroline Ballard spoke with reporter Gillian Friedman and started by asking her about the story of a mother in California."

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17th August 2019

"Scandal of 63 children killed by parents after officials missed warning signs

"At least 63 children have been killed after the law allowed them to be left with violent parents.

"The scandalous toll is revealed in the Sunday Mirror's nine-month probe which shows how the authorities were forced to honour dangerous parents’ human rights - despite knowing of their abusive behaviour."

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6th August 2019

"Nanny to MPs forced to give daughter to ‘abusive’ ex – ‘Hell on earth’

"A FORMER nanny to MPs and celebrities has seen her biological daughter awarded to her ex-partner, despite abuse fears. The woman, who cannot be named, had her child taken away following a lengthy family court battle.

She initially raised concerns to police after her daughter returned from a visit to the ex-lover with bruises and marks on her body – but "within 24 hours, they took her off me and gave her to my ex". The Daily Express started its End This Injustice crusade after hearing of similar cases."

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3rd August 2019

"Yet again Britain’s pitiful child protection record is in the spotlight

"It’s not enough to say sorry after the shocking report into abuse in Nottingham. It’s time this affluent nation learned from past mistakes.

"In his book The Disappearance of Childhood, the American writer and educator Neil Postman wrote: ‘‘Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” Last week, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) published its damning investigation into children in care in Nottinghamshire. It gives gruelling details of how generations of children, living in a climate of fear, were horrendously abused by predatory carers in homes and foster families while Nottingham city council and Nottinghamshire county council, as well as police, social workers and the Crown Prosecution Service, repeatedly failed to act."

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11th July 2019

"The child sex victims betrayed by police who were afraid of being called racist: ex-police officer MAGGIE OLIVER reveals what happened after she exposed the Rochdale grooming gang

"Yesterday, former police officer Maggie Oliver revealed how she won the trust of young victims of sex abuse gangs in Rochdale, convincing them to go on the record to give evidence. But just when she felt confident arrests would be made, everything seemed to fall apart — leaving her at a loss as to why her bosses didn’t seem to share her hunger for justice."

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3rd July 2019

"Family courts 'running up a down escalator' due to increase in cases

"Family courts are having to “run up a down escalator” to keep pace with unprecedented increases in childcare cases, the most senior family judge in England and Wales has said."

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24th June 2019

"End secrecy of 'Wild West' family courts

"A WOMAN whose baby was born via surrogate faced a landmark High Court battle to keep her name on the birth certificate and her child in her care. 


"This is the latest harrowing case highlighted by our End This Injustice crusade, which is now backed by MP Jess Phillips and former Victims' Commissioner Baroness Newlove. The Daily Express crusade demands that MP Louise Haigh's Parental Rights (Rapists) and Family Courts Bill becomes law. The Bill would remove the parental rights of fathers of children conceived through rape and get an inquiry into the handling by family courts of domestic abuse in child arrangement cases."

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21st May 2019

"Spotlight on child protection in family courts

"A panel of experts will review how the family courts protect children and parents in cases of domestic abuse and other serious offences, Ministers announced today (Tuesday 21 May).

"The three-month project aims to ensure that the family court works first and foremost in the explicit interests of the child, such as their safety, health and well-being. The MOJ-chaired panel will consist of a range of experts including senior members of the judiciary, leading academics and charities."

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16th May 2019

"Voices of children overlooked in family courts, says ex-head

"Family courts in England and Wales are not properly accommodating children's voices and needs because the government has suggested "it would all cost too much", their former head has said.

"Sir James Munby added the courts are "shamefully" behind in victim support.

"At least four children have been killed in the last five years by a parent with a known history of violence, after a family court granted access.

"The Ministry of Justice said a child's welfare was always the priority."

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26th Apr 2019

"I discovered my husband was abusing my children and livestreaming it online

"The day he was arrested I had no inkling, nothing at all.

"We had a perfectly happy marriage.

"He was really popular and had a really big group of friends. He was very outgoing.

“Even now knowing what I have known I have gone through every single memory that I have had, there is nothing.

“I have wracked my brains for the last two years."

It was seemingly the perfect family set-up. Two childhood sweethearts who had, married and were raising two young children of their own."

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16th Feb 2019

"The mother who lost her daughter over an EpiPen

"Three cars showed up in the early hours of the morning and the police were banging on my door," Anna says.

"It was June 2015 when Anna's two-year-old daughter was taken away by social workers from Southampton City Council.

"I didn't know what was going on," she said.

"Then the police said I was being arrested for child neglect."

"Anna, not her real name, is originally from Africa and was then a single mother.

Her daughter has allergies and in an incident a few weeks before she was taken away she had been struggling to breathe. Anna called an ambulance and injected the girl with an EpiPen."

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12th Feb 2019

"Judge's 'oppressive behaviour' cited in care appeal

"Judges must be careful not to put unreasonable pressure on parties, the Court of Appeal has warned, finding that a mother's consent to a care order was secured by 'oppressive behaviour'.

"The mother, in G (Children: Fair Hearing), claimed that she was subject to 'improper judicial pressure' at a family hearing in Sheffield last month, in which Her Honour Judge Elizabeth Carr QC made unopposed interim orders for two young children. The Court of Appeal judgment states that, after the hearing finished, the mother 'became distressed' at what had occured."

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